We have been interested in people’s experiences of their work, their working environment and the words they choose to describe it for a long time. However, the team at Organisational Poetry and our community are acutely aware that people who write work and their experiences of it also like to write about life outside work. So we set up this site to support the publication of that work.

We would love to receive any prose, verse, poetry or words from you. You can write your story in your words.

When we got together to talk about the power of these words we decided it would be inspiring and fun to publish those words for everyone. As a group we are keen to share your words on life, leisure, love, anguish and much more. We are convinced that people will be fascinated and intrigued to read and hear what you have to say!

You can write about your own personal experiences, those of other, be they real or imagined and what it feels like to be alive in the tweny first century. You may have written these already or maybe you have the desire to write them down in the coming days and weeks. We hope you will.

All of the people who are currently contributing to ‘other Words’ site are normal people, doing normal jobs, with normal lives and majority of them have little to no experience in writing. Some tell us it is cathartic to write things down, some are passionate to share their experiences, some say they find it fun and others are proud to have their words published.

If you are happy to have your work published on this website, mark it ‘Other Words’ and send your words to: editor@organisationalpoetry.com

For more details check send your words or from the navigation at the top of the home page.

Note: You can be assured that if it’s good enough your work will get published regardless of the harshness of the language, even if some may find it offensive. However, although we want you to express yourselves fully and to remain authentic, please keep in mind that overuse of certain language will mean that we will need to publish with warnings to alert some of our readers.


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