U.S. Talks.
Yank and Limey, together we must stand.
Red white and blue, always hand in hand.
Both face the world, democracy our core.
Freedom, integration, integrity and more.
You cover my back and I’ll cover yours.
Different constitutions but similar laws.
Bloodlines entwined, language the same.
Know what each other do, both in the game.
Politically, you know you got issues to Trump.
We just May, but it just might take a thump.
You couldn’t beat us, so changed your game.
Fine, you play it your way, we’ll do the same.
Alright, you bitterly cast out our monarchy.
But let’s face it, they are all puppets anyway.
And you have butchered our syncopation.
Your transatlantic drawl still a frustration.
But I salute your complete Independence.
With a well-earned doff of due deference.
But does independence need to mean isolation.
Your new walled garden causing consternation
But we are the needy in this relationship.
The elderly, the challenged, we are not hip.
You the world power, we the old relative.
Hutzpah depleted, bad smells, all we give.
I get, that sometimes, we bother you a bit.
But we got stories and stuff, all sorts of s..t.
And we think of you as our special child.
Sometimes tetchy, insolent, but never mild.
A tendency to wander, you always come back.
And we, your parent, are happy with that.
Congratulations on your two, four, one years.
Now raise a glass, let’s have plenty of beers.


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