This time the revolution will be televised
As a joke, The Simpsons tell me of idiocy.
Now on TV Trump yells “no it really is me”.
Follow GOOGLE rather than wear my flag.
Answer me, is it easier to be it good or bad?
World is out there, but only see what I see.
Lost my passport, but hey, still got Apple ID.
My mobile has started talking Russian to me.
My texts in Cyrillic is that how it should be?
Listened too, hacked, subliminally indoctrinated.
Why fight the intrusion, it is so over-stated.
Media profile intact, media use, a bad habit.
Universal access, but power of a scared rabbit.
And you sit back watching your 52 inch curve.
You are watching history, have you the nerve?
Yeh, I feel good, I feel set and I feel so ready.
World changing, but my armchair’s rock steady.
What if filmed embarrassingly, with cheeky pout.
Chill, your actions are seen, but face pixelated out.
Watching intently, the viewing order is revised.
Cause, this time the revolution will be televised.


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