She is a giant
A colossus among the pre-teen personalities
In the playground.

Phone in hand
She is Communication
The target audience
Of media brands.

Who is she?
This alien
So adult in her speech
So knowledgeable of life
A stranger to me.

But in the evening
Enfolded in my arms
Against the brutality of TV news
And existential dread
We both know that
She’s only big on the outside.


Image is a portrait of Dora Maar, 1937 by Pablo Picasso

In 1936 54-year old Picasso met Yugoslavian Dora Maar (1907 -1997), the photographer who documented Picasso’s painting of Guernica, the 1937 painting of Picasso’s depiction of the German’s having bombed the Basque city of Guernica, Spain during the Spanish Civil War.   She became Picasso’s constant companion and lover from 1936 through April, 1944.  Maar went back to painting and exhibited in Paris soon after Picasso left her for Françoise.  Picasso referred to Dora as his “private muse”.  In later years she became a recluse, dying poor and alone.

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